betreat-inn is located in Plaka, Chania, Crete, Greece


While enjoying your stay at betreat-inn, you might want to check out these popular attractions.



    Distance from Hotel: 0 km

    Plaka is one of the most traditional villages in Crete. It administratively belongs to Hania Prefecture and it is located 23 km away from the city of Hania. Plaka is built on a 70-meter altitude, over the coastal village of Almyrida and has a very healthy climate. Its permanent inhabitants are hardly more than 300 but during the summer population increases rapidly. People in Plaka mainly work on their farms (olive trees, vineyards, and vegetables). They produce fine olive oil, wine and the traditional drink of Crete called “tsikoudia”. A great part of the population is also involved tourism, as […]

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  • Almyrida


    Distance from Hotel: 1,5 km

    it is a scenic village by the sea with a clean sandy beach. At one end of the village there are ruins of an 11th century basilica church with a mosaic floor in good condition. In Almyrida during 1896 the last battle against the Turkish occupation took place. In the bay of Almyrida there is a small rocky island called “Karga” which has ruins of an ancient wall built by the Phoenicians. During the Second World War they were built shelters for the local people. Today Karga has become an ecological place offering the right environment for different species of […]

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  • Gavalohori


    Distance from Hotel: 5 km

    It is a traditional village that took its name from the noble Byzantine family of Gavalades. The family took possession of the village when Crete was distributed to the 12 noblemen of Byzantine in 1182. In a distance of 500 meters from the village, many of the well-known Gavaliana wells are preserved. Gavalohori has a Folklore Museum and there is also a textile and embroidery Women’ s Association.

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  • Vamos


    Distance from Hotel: 9 km

    It is a traditional provincial city, the capital of the region of Apokoronas, with many public services. According to unacknowledged historical sources, Saracen pirates had initially inhabited Vamos during the 8th century AC. Vamos had been the capital of the Sfakia region during the second half of the 19th century. Southeast of Vamos, at a place called Karydi, there is St. George’s Monastery where the Basilica is preserved and there are still remains of the cells and of the olive-mill of the Monastery, famous for its wonderful domes.

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