Plaka is one of the most traditional villages in Crete. It administratively belongs to Hania Prefecture and it is located 23 km away from the city of Hania. Plaka is built on a 70-meter altitude, over the coastal village of Almyrida and has a very healthy climate. Its permanent inhabitants are hardly more than 300 but during the summer population increases rapidly. People in Plaka mainly work on their farms (olive trees, vineyards, and vegetables).

They produce fine olive oil, wine and the traditional drink of Crete called “tsikoudia”. A great part of the population is also involved tourism, as the area has gradually become a mild tourist resort. Some others make their living by fishing or stockbreeding. Plaka has many traditional buildings and for the past few years many Europeans buy and restore old houses or even purchase land in order to build their permanent residents or holiday houses.

From the West, the village has a fantastic view of Souda Bay (the largest natural bay in the Mediterranean), while from the South there is a view of the White Mountains (Lefka Ori) which are covered with snow throughout the winter.

Northwards the village faces Akrotiri (where the international Hania airport is situated and from the North East it meets with the mountainous area Drapanokefala.

Plaka has the most beautiful sunsets, famous water caves where one can take a picnic and swim on the rocky costline.

Around the village there are interesting walking routes – (ranging from 3 to 10 kilometers) for the visitor to explore and exercise.