Spa Massage

The oldest therapeutic method, originated in the far East.
It was in Greece that it gained medical status and was used to treat athletes, warriors as well as patients.
Today is used in modern Physical therapy and is regarded as the most effective therapeutic approach.

Choose from our Spa Massage:
Relaxing 30min or 1h
Therapeutic 30min or 1h
Hot Stones 30min or 1h
Face 20-30min
Legs 30min

Holistic Energy Therapies
Reiki, Crystaltherapy, EFT, Bach Remedies

Therapies as the above, are used to set back our pscycosomatic symptoms into balance, as every disease that comes to our body is actually a message for us, to see, understand and take the responsibility for our lives, take the lesson, heal and then move on healthier and happier

Cause hapiness after all, comes when body & soul are in harmony and balance